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Acropolis – VR 360

The Global Discovery of the Acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon by the Chinese

The VR360.gr team started the first contacts with Xinhua, the state-owned Chinese news agency, about 3 months before the filming at Acropolis-Athens, in the autumn of 2016. It was the first time anyone would record Propylaea and the Parthenon in 360 degree video. That’s why about 10 Chinese journalists arrived, along with the central anchorman correspondent in Brussels, Gu Dunyu. The experienced journalist made a live broadcast to Beijing (also uploaded on the European Facebook) while we had started the first shots, around 7:00 in the morning. Since in China it was late at night, the connected viewers were …οnly 10,000,000!

Part of the broadcast you can watch here https://youtu.be/iNamnL7lSA4

The first shots at the Acropolis were the aerial ones and we used an 8-drone tiller. In accordance to the security regulations it was allowed to fly over the monuments only 1 day, from 7-8: 00 in the morning. For ground-based filming we used a steady cam system which was developed by VR360.gr

It took us 2 months to edit the material and do the post production of the Acropolis 360 video, adding subtitles in the Chinese and in English. The video we have posted here is a short version of the 7-minute production,  which has copyright only for the Chinese market. According to the information provided to us by the agency, it has exceeded the1,000,000,000 (1 billion) views! To our knowledge this professional filming for a 360 video is the only that has taken place on the Acropolis of Athens (officially and under license).



Τhe luxury steamship “Othon” was built in England upon the command of the king Othon. Following his overthrow, it was renamed to “Patris”. Eight years later, on the night in February 1868, the ship hit on Koundouros reef near Kea island (also called Makriopounta), during its voyage from Piraeus to Syros island. Thankfully the 500 passengers on board survived. The ship wreck remained unknown even to the habitants of the island and was discovered 138 years later! It took more than 30 dives in a 3 years period. The steamship which is 217 feet in length and weighs 641 tones, was cut in two pieces, at a depth between 28 and 54 m. According to Vasilis Mentogiannis, head of the exploration team, it is the first time that this kind of ship is discovered in the Mediterranean!
It is interesting to know that the newspapers of the era referred to “Patris” as “one of the nicest, if not the greatest, steamship of the Greek Steamship Company”.
The 30 objects recovered from the ship wreck are on display at the Syros Industrial Museum.

The underwater filming and post production of the 360 ​​video for “Patris” was and remains one of the most important moments of the VR360.gr project. One of the most impressive productions we’ve ever accomplished. We began by testing 360-degree cameras-360 lens systems in swimming pools in order to solve any problems we were about to experience during the dive and continued with an “epic” voyage by Catamaran from Lavrio to Koundouros reef in Kea island.
Our diving team, under the guidance and coordination of Vassilis Mentogiannis included some of the most experienced and skilled divers in Greece, having dozens of wreckage records at the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities. Vasilis and our team had composed a special ABYSS system on a submarine scooter, using a microphone base piece!
Six divers jumped into the water next to Koundouros reef to find the first part of the marvellous steamer at 28m depth and continued to descend to 55m to meet the second part of the shipwreck.  Τhe filming was a success. “Mission accomplished”!
The ship wreck of Patris is the most impressive 360 ​​underwater video VR360.gr has ever produced and we are proud to present it on YouTube.  Nothing would have happened without the help of our friends who worked  passionately and offered valuable equipment -both for free! First we would like to thank UFR Team and Vassilis Mentogiannis (we are trully gratefull).

Next Multihull-yachting.com  for the provision of the Catamaran. Our captain and beloved friend, Vassilis Podiadis. Thodoris Pistiolas, talented composer, songwriter and also diver, who created the original music theme of the 360 video. Journalist Vali Vaimaki, who photographed the whole event. Last, but not least, I would personally like to congratulate my partner in the VR360.gr project, Panayiotis Patsiouras, who spent at least six months of his life …fighting with the awkward AutoPano video and waiting patiently during thousands of rendering hours! 

Hotel Chais Monnet virtual tour -VR 360


This project includes the creation of at least 100 360-degree photographs and a virtual tour for the luxury resort in Cognac, France, made by the team of VR.360.gr. The hotel uploaded the virtual tour on its web site, and we also uploaded photos to Google Maps.

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Athens- Unity Project- European Union – VR 360

The link between the cultural heritage and the modern pace of Greece is highlighted in a video called “The Future is Today”.
It was prepared by the General Secretariat of Information and Communication within the framework of the “Project Unity”, developed during the Estonian presidency of the EU.
The video was presented in Brussels, along with others produced in EU countries, and received very positive reviews.   


The foundation of a castle-town on a steep hill of Katakefalos dates back to the 6th century AD. During the Venetian rule, a thriving town was developed here, in which 100 churches operated, as it is said. Today only Aghia Eleousa (or “Keraleousa”) survives as well as a part of the fortifications. Local legends connect the castle of Katakefalos with the castle of Oria, of the namesake acritan saga. For sure, it was destroyed by the Turks in 1570 and has never been re-inhabited since.
The hike up to the castle’s entrance starts 3.5 km north of Loutra settlement, through a dirt road that shortly after gives way to the trail.

Sifnos – Chrisopigi – VR 360

The monastery of Panagia Chryssopigi in Sifnos was built in 1650 at the tip of the peninsula. It is the island’s patron saint and pilgrims come here from all over Greece. Apart from the monastery’s remarkable architecture visitors admire the single-arched bridge that connects the torn rock -by miracle, according to tradition. Also, the church’s stone-built iconostasis, as well as the cells where Aristomenes Provelengios and Antonis Dekavallas resided.

Serifos – Chora – VR 360

The Chora of Serifos island is built on the top of a steep rock and it is distinguished in Ano (upper) and Kato (lower) Chora. The first one is a typical Cycladic palisade settlement, whereas the second is an intricate complex with alleys, houses and yards. Many churches are sparse inside the settlement. Public spaces are very restricted due to dense building.
On the top of Ano Chora there is the medieval castle. The habitation of the area has been continuous since ancient times.

Kea – Otzias – VR 360

Ioulida, or Chora, of Kea island was built during the archaic times in the mainland. The strategic significance of its location is proved by the ruins of the ancient acropolis and a part of its wall, but also a part of the medieval castle of the Venetians of the 13th century. The Lion of Ioulida is a “colossal” statue of the Early Archaic Times and a landmark of Kea. It is a curved lion-like head on a big single slate that plays the role of the body.

Milos sarakiniko – VR 360

Milos island is blessed with some of the most extraordinary beaches, not only in Greece, but also in the Mediterranean. Beaches featuring turquoise waters, golden sand, colorful pebbles, caves.
One of the most popular is Sarakiniko -an almost …extra terrestrial beach that seems to shine as the sun is reflected in the white rocks. Just outside the shallow bay there is an imposing rock and an impressive shipwreck.

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