Together with the Hellenic Public Properties Company we created two unique Virtual Tours both at the Achillion Museum of Corfu and in the caves of Diros at Laconia. In addition to the 360 photographic material (spherical photos) , the Virtual tours were enriched with texts, photographs, audio files, background music, but also the bibliography on which the rich information material was based.

At the same time, HPPC, according to Corporate Social Responsibility, made this new program of virtual 360-degree tours available free of charge to the Ministry of Educatio, which, after the recent approval of the Institute of Educational Policy, will be available during the new school year in all the schools of the country, giving the opportunity to the students to discover the cultural and natural wealth of Greece.

Do we in VR360 feel proud?  Yes indeed!

Θρίαμβος Αχιλλέα