Another “digital step” is being made by STASY SA (Public Transport SA) with approximately 300- 360 degree photos by for all Metro, Line 1(Elektrikos) and Tram stations. They were tested and approved by Public transportation officials and since April 2019 they are being posted on Google Maps / Google Street View digital maps.

In this way STASY aims at upgrading the services provided to the citizens of Athens, as well as the visitors from all over the world and uses modern technology to facilitate digital navigation media.

Realizing that the way information, navigation and routing in metropolises around the world have changed, STASY Management began 8 months ago the huge task of recording stations with 360-degree photographs. The aim is to serve our passengers, Greeks and foreigners, as well as to create a sense of security for visitors from all over the world, that they have arrived at the right destination and that this is the right impression of the space overall.

In the two months since the first global photo uploads (360 degrees) on the international Google Maps / Google Street View mapping system, hundreds of thousands of internet users have been served, assisted, and launched using global photos of Metro, Line 1 and of Tram. Digital “visits” to STASY network stations are growing at a rapid rate as millions of tourists come to our country fully familiar with digital routing via Google maps and in June the views of Syntagma Station more than 400,000 views, while STASY official photos had over 100,000 views. Correspondingly, about 100,000 views had the 360 ​​degree photographs of STASY at the Acropolis station and about 50,000 of Omonia station.

View on Google Maps:

Acropolis station

Syntagma station

Omonia station

Piraeus station

Flisvos station (tram)