This is the first camera mounting system that we designed and produced in our labs. We have tested this for a long time and it is very efficient and reliable. With the GoPro cameras properly adjusted, the rig can offer an optimum 4K resolution video file of spherical image (360 degrees)  at 30fps (frames per second). 6GOPRO rentalThis rig that is specially designed for VR recording is now available for renting from Rent Photo Video  company  (– tel: +30 211-7101105). It includes 6 xGoPros 3+ fully adjusted, remote control, 6 extra batteries, battery chargers and 6 microSD cards of 32Gb each). Now the only thing you need in order to record your 360 videos is to… push the recording button. Six GoPro action cameras are used since these were the first small size cameras that could be mounted close together for a complete coverage of a spherical field of view of 360 degrees. Indeed this six cameras setup allows to have many areas of overlap so that the six images to “be connected” -stitched together and create one integrated image. The VR360gr camera rig (mounting system) that you see today is the eighth operational version. It can be used with GoPro 4 and 3+ models either with or without the GoPro protective covers (extra holding cups are needed if used without housing).